Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Problem with sleep option ( Computes wakes up automatically after few mins)

After installing few windows updates on the Windows 7, my system started behaving weirdly that it wakes up automatically within few minutes after I put the system in sleep mode.

After some research and troubleshooting following solved my problem 

Device Manager à Network adaptersà wireless adapter (select speific wireless) and uncheck the “Allow this device to wake this computer” option


Switching between Integrated Intel Graphics HD 4000 and Nvidia graphics

Came across the following related to the behavior of graphic cards in laptops/desktops.

my system have both integrated intel graphics and also Nvidia graphics card and I was under impression that I am using the Nvidia graphics card but later realized that most of the times system is using the Intel graphics card .

After some research found that the Nvidia graphics card uses its “Optimus Technology” to switch between the integrated intel graphics with Nvidia graphics to save the battery life.

Based on above , never be able to use the Nvidia graphics unless you play 3D games or connecting to external desktops ..etc (Offcourse there is way you can specify which programs can use the Nvidia but still screen will always uses the intel graphics)

I have disabled the “Nvidia Optimus Technology” in BIOS settings as Nvidia graphics has dedicated RAM and I will be on the power cable most of the times instead of on battery to get most out of the Nvidia graphics card.


DDR 3 memory – clock speed

Recently started looking recent technology and hardware changes , learned few interesting things

Was thinking DDR 3 means triple channel memory but as name stands DDR(Dual data rate)  all DDR , DDR2 and DDR3 are just dual channel memories only

And also regarding advertised clock speed of these like DDR3 1333mhz , 1600mhz and 1866mhz , are not the real clock speeds.

DDR3 1866mhz RAM runs at 930 to 933 mhz on each channel and combined 1866mhz.